Our Book Of The Year

“With close to forty years in the book trade behind me, I have experienced rare occasions when a book has captivated me in its entirety. One such is Angus O’Callaghan: Melbourne. The stunning images making up Mr. O’Callaghan’s library of photographs are evocative, fascinating, nostalgic and beautifully composed; the text accompanying these images both adds to them and chronicles the story of one man’s life.

This book is a homage to Melbourne at a particular time in its history. Being born and bred here, I can attest that it also captures the essence of Melbourne that I believe still exists and helps make it the “liveable city” it is today – the sights, sounds, cultural activity, sporting focus, and diverse population. I salute Mr. O’Callaghan’s work and congratulate Ben Albrecht and Eamon Donnelly on bringing his dream and beautiful work to the printed page.”

Mary D, Reader’s Feast Booksellers

100 of the books are presented as a special limited edition of 1/100. This Limited Edition of 100 comes signed by Angus O’Callaghan, Ben Albrecht and the book designer Eamon Donnelly. They are signed and numbered on a ‘Limited Edition’ card presented in the front of the book, printed in gold. These limited editions are $300 each.

We can take orders for this limited edition:

please enquire at our counters in store.

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